Overwatch Guide-Why Should You Pick Up DPS And Which DPS Is Easy to Start

2019-06-10 09:02:31

DPS class is the most played class in Overwatch. So, why most players choose DPS while Tanks and Supports are actually more crucial to winning games?

DPS is the most fun role for most players, and also the most intuitive. The concept of DPS is very simple - kill people. When you play Widowmaker, you know that you need to line up the shot on their head and kill them. Now pulling that off - that’s the hard bit, but for the most part, for someone coming from FPSes, that’s going to be pretty natural and easy to understand.

Another thing is that it’s fun to do damage - that’s it. It’s the reason why when people play tanks, they tend to gravitate towards tanks like Zarya, DVA or Roadhog (myself included) who can output massive damage and are pretty self explanatory to an FPS player. And when we’re looking at it, for most people, dashing around and killing things as Genji, and pulling some outplays out of the bag will always be more fun than shielding as Reinhardt or healing as Mercy. This is myself included - I play video games to have fun, as does everyone who plays video games surely, and the end of the day, it’s a massive glaring issue in Overwatch’s design how DPS and off-tank will most likely always be the most fun roles in the game. Playing a healer or a main tank just feels much less impactful and with heroes like Brigitte running around to stun you out of everything as Reinhardt, or Doomfist just coming in and oneshotting you as a support every time, it’s unsurprising.

Usually the healers that people go for in Ranked are Ana and Zen, who are the high skill, high impact supports who are designed to just shoot things. If not, it will be Lucio since he has fun movement, and maybe Brigitte, though I suspect that’s because Brigitte is very easy and still very overtuned. If you still are struggling with DPS class, come to Boostingvip.com for Cheap Overwatch Boost and Overwatch Coaching Service, where you can invite master players to help you improve your gameplay.

Blizzard needs to really work out the roles of main tanks and healers, since despite their best efforts, it still hasn’t been enough to encourage people to play supports or main tanks.

So, if you decided to play DPS as well, then which “Easy” DPS hero should you pick as beginners to teach yourself? In terms of how easy they are to pick up and be able to contribute to the team:

Easy: Soldier, Reaper, Junkrat
Medium: McCree, Pharah, Mei, Hanzo, Doomfist
Hard: Tracer, Genji, Sombra, Widow

I have left out Bastion, Torb and the off-tanks on purpose. (Edit: Looks like people want clarifications on why Hanzo and Doomfist aren't placed in the hard category.)

Doomfist is pretty easy to pick up and get kills with, and even survive as. He is pretty straightforward, and more about learning game-sense instead of mechanics. He doesn't require as much skill as people think you need to have to be effective -- in lower ranks (below masters).

Hanzo is a long range hero, which means he is usually pretty safe. His scatter is pretty easy to get kills with, and his sonic arrow is extremely helpful, not just for you but also your team. Let's not forget his ult is also pretty good at zoning, which is also tremendously useful -- and might net you some kills. He is a lot easier to start using and doing something compared to Widow, because of his utility, and doesn't requires you to flank as much as Tracer and Genji.



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