Overwatch Guide - How to Get More Loot Boxes and Earn Overwatch Credits

2019-05-08 09:29:05

Credits (or Coins) are the main currency for Overwatch. Players can spend credits to unlock  skins, victory poses, sprays, and more, although players can also earn those items through opening Loot Boxes. However, for those who really need a particular cosmetic item, they can use credit. So, how to get more loot boxes earn credits in Overwatch?

Unfortunately, there are only two ways to earn credits in Overwatch. First is to receive currency directly from within a Loot Box, which have four levels of rarity: Common (White), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Gold). Common Loot Boxes will reward you with 50 coins, Rare has 100 coins, Epic will give you 150 coins, and Legendary gives 500 coins. However, loot boxes are having a small percentage of getting the legendary coin drops. It’s random how much you’ll earn with the chance that you’ll even get currency. That’s right, you have a chance of opening up a Loot Box and not even getting any credits, and loot boxes are having a small percentage of getting the legendary coin drops. 

The other way to earn credits is by receiving a duplicate of a cosmetic item you already own. Any duplicate item will be compensated by an amount of credit that is worth based on that item's value. Items also have four levels of rarity: Common (White), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Gold). Common items net players 5 coins . Rare items will earn you 15 coins. Epic items net players 50 coins. Legendary items net players 200 coins.

Since the only way to get currency is through Loot Boxes, so, how to get loot boxes as many as you can?

There are two ways to get loot boxes in Overwatch. One way is to purchase them with real money from in-game shop on your menu. The other is to unlock these boxes is by leveling up, which is done by playing the game organically. Of course, if you win matches, you’ll get more experience. Even if your team is defeated, you’ll still gain experience but much less. Every single time you level up, you’ll receive a Loot Box. If you struggle with low rank, why not come to Boostingvip.com for Cheap Overwatch Boost to get to top rank?

So, how to farm experience fast and unlock more loot boxes? Here are come tips and tricks:

Group up with people in QP (some people are willing to do it around events for bonus XP), just say “group for bonus XP” and you should get some people to hop on. Also don’t leave games ever, just let them take you to the main menu and keep the queue going.

Get your 3 loot boxes from 9 wins in arcade and then play QP. Comp gives you an XP bonus, which allows you to gain XP significantly faster than QP, however. Comp feels somewhat slower when it comes to the boxes. Also winning helps you earn loot boxes quicker and if you’re in a group with a friend or multiple friends, you’ll all get an XP boost.



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