First Peek at New Overwatch Workshop Mode

2019-06-19 08:49:54
In the latest update, Blizzard’s team shooter Overwatch introduces a new feature in the form of Workshop mode. he new mode is a scripting program which lets players create their own scripted game modes.

Check out the video explanation below.

As its trailer explains, Workshop allows “Overwatch” fans to essentially futz with the game's modifiable code to create things and even go as far as to edit their heroes to their liking. For example, players can alter how heroes use their abilities and move across the map, modify healing and damage points, or even display text when certain conditions are met. Any games created while in Workshop mode will be available via the Custom Game Browser.
The simplified scripting system has a vast amount of different ways for players to craft their own game modes, all of which are lined out via the official “Overwatch” blog,as well as detailed instructions on how to use each of the mode’s different tools.

Two examples were provided with the update: a “Molten Floor” gametype where characters take damage if they touch the ground, and a “Mirror Deathmatch”where everyone plays as the same character for one minute, and everyone changes into a new character every sixty seconds. The character rulesets are extremely malleable, and with a little hard work players will even be able to design and prototype new heroes.

You can check out a detailed look at how everything works right here.

These new custom games can be found in the Game Browser section, and players have already started experimenting with new rules and gametypes.

For those who are be interested in exploring game but not well-versed in programming, Blizzard is hoping that this new feature enables them to logic into the idea of video game development, and even realize they can do this themselves.

Compared to previous Overwatch custom games, the new workshop feature makes it much easier to spread your creation to the world. Players can share any rulesets created in this mode on all three platforms by simply entering the mode’s code into the game browser. Put it another way, anything created in the PTR will carry over to the live version of Overwatch once the custom tool is fully deployed.

Currently, the Workshop is only available on PC in the game’s public test server (PTR). You can adjust a hero’s abilities or movement, or change up the way healing and damage work. Blizzard also says that players can add text to certain elements of the game, so hopefully we’ll see some much needed fan-driven story content before the final release

Overwatch is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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