Tips and Tricks for Getting Better at Fortnite Season 9

2019-06-06 09:07:09

Fortnite: Battle Royale has quite literally taken the gaming world by storm since its release and proves its popularity with over 40 million players all over the world. Although it’ s incredibly fun to play the game, many players find it hard to dominate the game, especially new beginners. Therefore, in this guide, will share with you pro tips from veteran players and pro Cheap Fornite Boost including Fortnite Coaching service to help you get better at the game.

Work on your landing. Arguably the most important of a game is not dying right at the start. Understanding the new areas is a must. If someone lands on a roof before you, do not land there. You will almost certainly die, unfortunately we’re not in the good times where you could pickaxe someone with a gun anymore. If someone lands on top of a house, drop to the bottom or glide away peacefully. Your main aim should be to get a shotgun, so dropping alone is key.

Be quick to gather items/materials, aim for a chest or visizable weapon. Building is key to becoming a solid (or even average) player, so make sure you have enough materials. Material collecting is even more important after the recent material drop nerf(no comment). It lets you spam build to protect yourself if you get shot, which is essential. As Sypher says, if you get shot 3 times without building, you deserve to die. That’s how important it is.

How to improve build fight technique - go watch the replay and see if there was ever a time that you could have snuck in a few AR or shotgun shots. I can guarantee there were a few that you ended up building instead (even though your opponent probably still had their map out). Stop building just to build and be more aggressive. Don’t be afraid to drop down and blow it all out either. If you are playing a bob the builder/john wick combo, this is probably one of your best options.

If you want to get kills/high kill games – Learn rotations. Actually, drop tilted. Then learn rotations. Seriously, tilted will have the most kills early game in nearly every game. However, the key to high kill games is rotations. Look at the storm and work out where people have to run the furthest from, head there are you’ll almost certainly run into people trying to get in from the storm. Furthering this point, look at the map for yourself, you don’t want to be trapped in the storm. If this happens, you’re taking damage and also struggling to see anyone watching you.

Improve your situational awareness. Fortnite is a highly mental game, so the main thing for being successful in Fortnite is going to be your situational awareness, whether that be a counter, a push, or what to do in certain situations. The gaming skills will come, the situational IQ is what will dictate your success. That just comes with playing more, being in different situations, and learning from them.

Easy but important tip right here is just to play the game, and practice. Practice everything one by one, practice building when no one is around, practice your aim, set the sensitivity to your preference, and go to populated areas to practice your shooting. Don’t think about winning because it will happen once you get good. 

That’s the end of this guide. Hope it helps!



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