How to Level Up Heroes Fast in Heroes of The Storm

2019-06-11 08:54:27

I see many Heroes of The Storm players asking for the fastest way to level up a hero in the community.  Is it in AI matches? Kill every enemy building? Well, as for what I recommend is try to play Versus AI with at least 2-3 teammates. By playing in a group, you'll be granted a 50% XP bonus after each game, whether you win or lose, which is a massive spike and definitely worth it. Ideally full party. That's the most efficient way. The only faster way would be Team League under ideal circumstances - but usually it will take you time to form 5-man group, then time to find a match.

As for AI, all difficulty levels give you the same XP. But here's a difference - if you also need gold (and you probably do), it's best to play vs Beginner AI for fast games. If you only need XP, play against at least Adept AI. The reason for this is that the more difficult AI (as long as you win), the longer the game. The longer the game, more XP you get (XP is more than anything time-based). And the longer the game, less time you spend on post-game screens, loading screens, and all that.

Another reason why Versus AI is better for XP farming than any other mode is the possibility of multitasking. You don't need to be fully focused all the time. If you do play fully focused I would suggest other game modes (Unranked, or Team League), because you'll have more fun.

In addition,for those willing to pay actual money on the game, there are Stimpacks available for purchase in the store which increase the amount of Gold and XP you gain per match. In addition, you can buy Cheap Heroes of The Storm Boost at, where professional players will log in your account and help you level up heroes fast.

Couple of rules about xp gains:

In Heroes of The Storm, the length of the game is directly connected to the amount of XP rewarded at the end of the game. The longer the game goes on, the more experience you’ll gain at the end of the game.

XP in-game helps you gain XP out of game. The more XP you earn during the game, the more your account gets when you finish.

Underdog xp bonus is real. There are large bonuses to teams that are a levels behind based on how many levels behind they are, capping at 4 levels. Kills for the underdog team will reap 100% more xp. Last, Hero Mode does grant XP and gold. However, playing Hero Mode will give players the exact same XP as playing Quick Match.

To gain xp from lane minions, you must be within your heroes vision of them, If you are, then each hero on your team benefits from the xp as well. questionable on range, will test and post photos of exact range/ requirements

To gain XP from mercenaries, you must be the first hit. You do not get XP if the enemy starts it and you kill the merc while they are still there.

XP gains from buildings are global, whether a hero is in range or not. Walls and Fountains give no XP.

Global XP can be gained from enemy hero deaths regardless of being in range or not.

All objective creatures give XP.

All creatures/minions/mercs have a Base XP value which increases over time.

XP increases by the minute, ON the minute. (For mercs, this is set when you begin to attack them, for lane minions this is set when they leave the Core, for objective based creatures, this is set when the objective spawns (ex, the mines).

If you kill a lane minion with an ability, regardless of distance, you will receive the XP. This applies to things killed by summoned creatures as well.



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