Rocket League Half Flip Tutorial - How to Do It with A Keyboard and Mouse or with A Controller

2019-05-15 09:22:38

The Half Flip is the quickest and most effective move for players to employ when they need to turn around and hurriedly go in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is necessary to master half flip in the gaming. In this guide we will explain how to make the fastest turn and do half flip with keyboard and controller in Rocket League.

How to do a half flip with a keyboard and a mouse in Rocket League?

The key to performing a half flip is the cancellation of the backflip.

Step 1:On keyboard and mouse, perform a backflip like you usually would, except for as soon as you begin the flip, switch from “S” to “W” so that you backflip cancels out and you land on your back.

Step 2:  After the backflip cancels out, the next thing is the air roll. When the top of your car is facing the ground, air roll to the left, or right, so that your car does a half-barrel roll to land on it’s wheels. Don’t worry if you don’t land it the first time. Practice will make perfect in this kind of thing. Another thing to keep in mind is the boost. once upside-down, you can boost whilst doing the barrel-roll. This helps you stay in the air longer and land smoother. I recommend changing air roll to “Shift” if it isn’t already, as it is easier to reach.

The key to performing it quickly is switching from “S” (for the backflip) to “W” as fast as possible.

How to do a half flip with a controller in Rocket League?

This is a quick guide on how to do half flip with your controller:

Step 1 - Go backwards and do a backwards roll (back flip) It should be like holding your analog stick down or south then hitting your jump button twice.

Step 2 - Now do the same thing but right after you do the backwards roll immediately press and hold up or north on your analog stick.

Step 3 - Go into your control settings, set a bind for either air roll left/right (and not "air roll"). I set mine to my square or X if you are on Xbox. U can use whatever you prefer.

Step 4 - Do step 2 but when you press up, add the bind that I just mentioned in step 3 and press/hold that button. That is all.

Some players complain that even if they make precise stick movements, they still always catastrophically fail. In this case, the problem could be timing, or maybe your dead-zone is off or something. If the flip just isn’t canceling when your pushing up, then try doing it a little earlier and that might help.

In addition, bind either air roll left or air roll right to the left joystick button (when you click it down). Then when you are half way through a dodge/flip (forwards or backwards) cancel by pushing joystick in opposite direction and immediately click down and hold on the left joystick. Might take a little practice but you will get it soon enough.

Do you know how to do a half flip now? If you still have trouble with it, you can buy Cheap Rocket League Boost at and ask advanced players to teach you.



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