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Want to Rank Up R6 Fast? Here you get a rare chance to make it happen easily. Just purchase Rainbow Six Placement Matches Boosting Service for your R6S account now, we will arrange professional R6 players to login your account and play with high win rate in Placement Matches for you. All rewards will be remained for you. No matter Diamond, Grandmaster, or other ranks you want to get your R6 rank to, we will help you to achieve with 100% safety guarantee. Inquire our boosting players if you want to know the boosting process or how to play R6 like a pro.


Every Rainbow Six Siege match placement order is usually started within an hour and is completed within 2-3 hours.


An account with Rainbow Six Siege
Rank 20


Seasonal Rewards
Relatively High Starting Rank


What if the 70% win ratio guarantee is not met?
If the guarantee isn't met, then we will compensate with a reasonable rank boost to make up for the difference.
How can I contact you if i have any questions about the boosting process?
We have a live chat support window which is located at the bottom right corner of the website, you can ask our 24/7 live chat for help. Or you can chat with your booster directly.
Why should I choose you over other boosting companies?
Firstly, we have support and live chat available 24/7 hours a day! You can ask for help if you have any problem. Secondly, we use in-house VPN services to hide the IP of the booster to better protect the account holder. Thirdly, we regularly review and adjust our prices to offer the cheapest price than our competitor. At last, not only do we have the fastest boosters, we also hire only the best. We complete orders faster than anyone else.
Do I have to own Rainbow Six Siege on Steam?
We can boost on Steam and Uplay, so it’s not a problem for us either way.
Will your boosters talk to my Steam or Uplay friends?
No, we will be playing in offline mode. No one will be aware that you are online. In a word, we won't talk to your friends unless you ask us to.
What are the payment methods?
We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, G2A, Paymentwall, sofort banking, Netteler, Steam Skins, Redcompra and other safe payment methods.
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5 Reviews - feel free to read them all

booyah boosted by Nick for 6 matches Games on PC - 2019-05-03

I ordered for 6 matches, and he ended with 100% win rate. What a fantastic booster!

Sora boosted by Maziyar for 10 matches Games on PlayStation 4 - 2019-01-04

Will come back to this booster only! Super nice and does a great job!

Zane boosted by Aditya for 9 matches Games on XBox One - 2018-12-29

Amazing 10/10. Love this guy. He’s a legend!

C boosted by Maziyar for 7 matches Games on PlayStation 4 - 2018-12-17

He is fast like always xD

Lee boosted by Aditya for 10 matches Games on XBox One - 2018-12-11

Adi did a badass job won almost all the games would highly recommend



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