CS:GO Guide - How to Get Free Skins

2019-05-16 08:49:27

Skins play an important role in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CSGO) game.It helps people to upgrade their weapons and win the match. Since it is difficult to earn coins in CS:GO, so how to get skins for free? Here Boostingvip.com have listed some useful tips and tricks for you. In addition, we also provides Cheap CS:GO Boost to help you improve your gameplay and rank up higher.

There are numerous ways of getting free CSGO skins. If you are a conservative person and wanna know the most legit ways of earning skins, without venturing into scamming, dodgy gambling sites or other bullshit, try those methods.

First, most sites offer affiliate links with certain YouTube's that can offer around 50 cent upon code usage, which you can then use to purchase skins or cases usually.

In addition, there is also the chance of getting weapon drops in game. You’ll get drops after playing game modes like competitive, casual, deathmatch, etc. Other than that, not really. However, getting one skin worth more than 1 dollar is pretty rare, as well as operation drops which are usually worth more. There is always the chance of joining those twitter giveaways/twitch giveaways as well or just asking a friend if he can give you some skins.

As a side note, play when a new case drops. This is pretty rare but whenever a new case or operation drops in CS:GO, the new cases and skins are at inflated prices. If you play and get a drop of the new case, you can usually sell it for around $5 on the Steam market. Then you can buy skins that you want!

If you are a person who like to venture, then one of the best ways of getting free and better looking skins is by participating in CSGO betting. The other ways are CSGO skins jackpot, CSGO Coinflip games, gambling, etc.

Many gambling sites out there allow users to create affiliate codes. From there, anyone who used the affiliate code gets some free money on the site to gamble with. Each user can only use one affiliate code but if you do this on a bunch of different websites, you could rack up a bit of money to use for skins! You can use the code ANDREWMAN on CSGOBig, CSGOPolygon, CSGOEmpire, and CSGOatse for some free money to get skins with. Additionally, the code ANDREWMAN on Drakemoon will allow you to open a cheap free case for a free skin. There are tons of other sites out there and tons of other affiliate codes you can use for them. This is probably the easiest way to get skins for free.

Be careful before choosing any website because there are many fraud websites available on the internet which are not safe and legal for playing. So, avoid the fraud ones and choose the best website for playing these games to win free CSGO skins.

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That’s the end of this guide. Hope it helps!



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