FIFA 19 FUT Trade Guide - Use Bronze Pack Method to Make Millions of Coins

2019-05-09 09:19:51

There is plethora of ways to earn coins in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and trading is the most interesting and profitable one, if you know how to do it. There are various of trading methods and Bronze Packs is one of the easiest and fastest way to make big money. For those who never heard this method, here presents you this handy FIFA 19 FUT Guide, in which we’ll show you how to use Bronze Pack Method to help you make millions of coins and build a strong squad fast. If you are a person who pay to win, you can also buy Cheap FIFA 19 FUT Boost and get coins immediately.

The Bronze Pack Method involves purchasing the lowest price pack available - the 400 coin bronze one - and then selling everything from it. If you get even one good item, you will make a profit, but most of the contents can be listed and re-listed until they sell. The method is as following: open bronze packs and put everything in your club except for the following items:

Duplicate bronze players(check the prices in the beginning, after a while you will know which players sell and which don’t). At the moment, generally speaking, bronze players from the top five, Argentina Super Liga, EFL Championship and Hellas Liga leagues are worth more than 150/200. All other leagues just list for 150/200 unless it is a shiny they tend to go for a bit more but you have to figure it out yourself.

Players that are in high demand due to live SBC's. Think of Marquee Matchups, POTM, Seasonal SBC. You have to check them yourself but currently players from: the Hellas Liga are in high demand. This can change every day so make sure to check which SBC is live.

Players from League SBC's that are already released unless you want to finish the League SBC yourself. The loyalty you get could be helpful later on.

Fitness and team fitness items. Single fitness items do sell for 150/200(if you list 100 during the weekend around 50 will sell). Team fitness Always sell for 750/800. Try to get rid of all your fitness items during the weekend since they will sell way quicker.

Quick sell training items(you might want to keep the +3 overall training item), kits, badges, contracts, balls and other managers since they wont sell.

Try to relist every hour. This is the most important part of the method. Relist and open bronze packs until you have no space on your transfer list. Duplicate players from leagues that are in low demand: China, Chili, Scandinavia etc sell around 10% of the time.

If you notice some players are not selling at all discard them after you have relisted a few times. You can also rinse players that wont sell in the bronze upgrade (11 bronze players will get you two untradeable silvers) but I believe this is rather time consuming and a bit of a grind.

The profit from this method is minimal at first. In short term, you are not going to benefit a lot from it. If you relist a lot, (12 times a day) you will make a small profit. However the benefits in the long run are enormous. You will have almost every bronze player at one point(around the 1500 bronze packs opened) which will be extremely beneficial for completing league SBC's.

Or even better once a new league SBC gets released. You can sell hundreds of players for anywhere between 100 and 300k. Don’t sell players instantly after the League SBC is released but wait at Least a week, since prices tend to be higher after a week. Once the League SBC is released, everyone dumps their players which increases the supply thus lowering the price. Once the dumpers sold their players prices tend to rise.

There you know how to make FIFA coins with Bronze Pack Method!



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