Destiny 2:How to Farm Unlimited Legendary Shards

2019-07-16 08:53:20

With the release of the Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2:Season of Opulence on July 9, 2019, Season of Opulence came with some other new activities like a brand-new raid featuring The Leviathan once again (since Warmind). We all know, how insane amount of resources cost, and how necessary and important it is to earn Legendary Shards. Here’s how to farm Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 if you’re running low for any reason at all.

Dismantle Legendary: The easiest way to amass plenty of Legendary Shards is to dismantle Legendary (ie “purple” gear) and Exotic (“yellow” gear) . 

In order to get your hands on Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor items, you'll first need to hit the overall level cap of 20, which can be achieved by simply completing the campaign of Destiny 2. After this, you'll need to complete endgame activities like Strikes, Crucible matches, Nightfall Strikes, and Raids, in order to earn Legendary (and sometimes Exotic) gear.

Simply head into your inventory once you've got this gear, and hold X/Square to dismantle the gear. You'll earn 3 Legendary Shards for every Legendary and Exotic weapon and armor piece you dismantle.

Strike Bosses: Players will receive Legendary Shards by defeating Strike Bosses in Destiny 2; however, chances for getting Destiny 2 Legendary Shards are rare in this case.

Increasing rep points: Rep points can also bring about Legendary shards. Everytime you hit a new requirement for the merchants, they sometimes give you the shards instead of new weapons

Engage with Nightfall Strikes, Flashpoints, Lost Sector Chests, Raid Chests, Raid Encounters, Strike Bosses, Planetary Chests- you have random (but fairly high) chances of getting Shards this way

Recommended- create three characters, and complete the weekly Nightfall, Raid, and Flashpoint with all three characters. Characters share inventory, so you can use this technique to farm more Shards for your main character

Raid Encounters: Encounters during the Raids are also useful in earning Legendary Shards in Destiny 2.

There's also - apparently, but unconfirmed by ourselves - the possibility of receiving Legendary Shards when you decrypt those Faction Engrams received when you increase your reputation with any of the core faction vendors.

Last, recently, a YouTuber named Pyro Gaming has found a way to get unlimited Legendary Shards, Glimmer or Planetary Material from PvE. Getting straight to the cheese, here’s what you need to do in order to farm unlimited planetary materials (Dusklight Shards and Microphasic Datalattice) and Legendary Shards:

1.Go to Suraya Hawthorne in the Tower and pick up every 200 armor or weapon you can get (you need to get your power level below 500).
2.Now, if you’re planning on farming Dusklight Shards, you need to start Volundr or Bergusia Forge in EDZ. If going for Microphasic Datalattice, just start any one of Izanami or Gofannon Forge on Nessus.
3.Just start your desired Forge and walk away.

Checkout Pyro Gaming video for full video guide below.

Now that you have a decent handle on how to farm Legendary Shards. If you don’t have enough time to play Destiny 2 and leveling up, try Cheap Destiny 2 Boosting at, a professional online in-game service site.



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