Where to Get Best Weapons and Gear on Black Desert Online

2019-06-12 08:51:01

A lot of Black Desert Online players, especially beginners stuck on their gear. I've constantly heard requests on where to get the best weapon and gear. Below I’ve listed some of personal advice. Hope it helps!


The video talks about introducing the enhancement system and tactics to use for failstacking. You get the gear from various camps. It’s all RNG [random number generated loot] although some camps are known to likely drop certain pieces.

Your best bet is to buy certain gear and weapons in the marketplace. The marketplace (MP) is where players sell their goods and gear.

So, you go to a town or city with a marketplace vendor. Go to special deals at the left-hand bottom of the MP window. The special deals tab is the loot assortment provision that sends looted drops from groups straight to the MP. Scroll through items that groups have been looting. The longer the item been in the special deals, the lower the price.

It’s going to get expensive. Agerian armor is sold by the Velia blacksmith. Taritas armor is sold by the Heidel blacksmith. GRUNIL armor is sold by the Altinove Blacksmith.


Best in Gear is Boss Armor. Giaths Helmet, Bhegs gloves, Muskan Boots, and tree armor. The set provides the best set gains in the game.

Generally, Grunil set are widely recommended for the AP and HPs +bonus AP it gives. The gear features 2 slots for crystals. Many players mix and match their crystals to gibe them mobility, increase weight limits, +ATK speed, etc. Furthermore, you can use certain armor sets to cater to your character needs. By using crystals and armor gains, you can maximize your stats.

Next armor set is Heve set. This is pure HP set and also features 2 slots per armor. The versatility of crystal slots, the HPs, and the steady availability of it in the special deals makes this a popular choice to enhance. unlike grunil, heve is free of certain restrictions to trigger the armor benefit. This makes Heve 2nd to boss gear in regards to HP gains and Heve pieces make great place holders until you get boss gear.

Another recommendation is the armor set of Rocaba. The Evasion and WP/MP/SP +bonus Evasion this armor set gives is often mentioned for wizards and witches. Caster gameplay allows the luxury to maximize Magic pool and evade via skills and distance. There are chances were the gaps get too close and the caster must rely on gear enhancement to survive. A set or mix of Rocaba CAN provide what these casters need to nuke big and hard while providing the evasion they need.


AP comes from your weapons for the most part. The top weapons are kzarka and Liverto. Best in gear is Kzarka main, nouver (pure AP) or kutum secondary, and dandelion awakened.

Next is Liverto main hand. The only reason Kzarka is better is because Kzarka has +accuracy and that good for all opponents against you, player or monster. Liverto is just as good to use as a main weapon. Usually players have Liverto because of its availability. Its most world bosses that can drop the Liverto weapon box. Its what most players use until they get their hands on Kzarka weapon box. Even then, there’s some thinking whether or not you want to replace your Liverto by then or sell the Kzarka for 95+ million.

Below Liverto is arguably the Krea set. KREA is usually one of the top AP gear in game. The krea set provides AP + accuracy and feature 2 crystal slots each. The krea set for wizard is the krea staff and krea dagger.

That’s the end of this Black Desert Online Desert gear and weapon guide. If you don't have enough time to play the game and rank up fast, check Cheap Black Desert Online Boost at Boostingvip.com, a professional game boosting store.



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