New Heroes of the Storm Event Mechastorm 2 Announced, All The Latest Details You Should Know

2019-06-13 08:46:31

On June 9, Blizzard announced that a new in-game event, titled Mechastorm 2.0 is coming to The Heroes of the Storm.It be a sequel to the popular MechaStorm event, and it comes with another cool anime-style short. During the event, players will complete various objectives to unlock in-game rewards including skins, portraits and other collectibles. Below, has listed full patch notes related to Mechastorm 2.0.

One big change with the Resistance patch next week will allow players to purchase skins directly more easily.When the update hits, all skins in the store will purchasable with the earnable Gems currency. If you have Gold in your account, you'll now be able to convert it to Gems in order to purchase the skins you want.

MechaStorm II

Once again, Xenotech returns to Neo-Stormwind, led by Mecha Malthael. Of course, it’s up to the players to stop them before things get any worse — and they’re pretty bad already.

The new Chen has finally arrived! We had a blast tinkering with him, and look forward to seeing him unleashed to his full potential in your hands. When taking a look at how to best change him, we primarily focused on adding more opportunities for Chen to make plays and for his opponents to interact with him. Some of his power has been taken out of Fortifying Brew and put into his new ability, Stagger, as well as into his talents. While he may take a bit of time to master, proper management of Chen’s cooldowns should result in a formidable hero that will make a great addition to any team.

MechaStorm II Quest Chain

Players hoping to stop the Xenotech will need to complete a quest chain issued by Mecha Tyrael. Completing this chain will earn players all kinds of rewards including Mecha-themed sprays, portraits, loot boxes, Hero Tyrael ,s well as the unique Perfect Mecha Tyrael skin.

MechaStorm II Loot Chests

From June 17th to August 5th,Players can earn Mechastorm II Loot Chests (excluding Hero-specific ones)While thwarting the Xenotech invasion , which contains at least one item from either MechaStorm II or previous years’ Summer Events.


New Bundles (Limited Time Only!)

MechaStorm II Bundle
Mecha Yrel Skin Pack
Mecha Valla Skin Pack
Xenotech Malthael Skin Pack
Seraph Wing Bundle
New Skins (Limited Time Only!)
Prototype Mecha Yrel
Master Mecha Yrel
Lunar Mecha Yrel
Carbon Fiber Mecha Yrel
Prototype Mecha Valla
Master Mecha Valla
Solar Mecha Valla
Alloy Mecha Valla
Apex Xenotech Malthael
Twilight Xenotech Malthael
Umbral Xenotech Malthael
Gamma Xenotech Malthael
Hunter Mecha Dehaka
Galactic Xenotech Abathur
Maritime Dropkick Kharazim
New Mounts (Limited Time Only!)
Seraph Wing
Holy Seraph Wing
Fierce Seraph Wing
Eternal Seraph Wing
Guardian Seraph Wing
Prototype Seraph Wing
Fel Razorgrin
New Portraits and Sprays (Limited Time Only!)
Several new sprays and portraits have also been added to the game.

That’s all you need to know about Mechastorm 2.0 event. For more news and guide game Heroes of the Storm, stay tuned to, providing best Cheap Heroes of the Storm Boost and Coaching service.



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