Tips for Starting Out in Realm Royale

2019-05-05 09:22:12

Realm Royale is a popular free-to -play battle royale game, where players begin their journey of creating a champion, craft game-changing legendary gear and explore a fantasy world from horseback. For those who just get started, here are some tips and guidelines which will increase your chance of winning Crown Royale. These tips are mostly aimed at lower ranked players, if you find that you already knew all of this, then you probably are already in a high rank! If you have trouble with getting to top rank, you can come to for Cheap Realm Royale Boost.

Which is the best class to pick up?

As with class, there is no “best”class, since everyone has different definition of “best”. in Realm Royale, each class has its own advantages and disadvantages and could be equally strong if you manage to upgrade them to their max level. Generally saying,


Assassin is the worst class. Every class has pros and cons but assassin has more cons than pros and the only pro being legendary sniper! Warrior is a tad bit faster than other classes and therefore should be feared at close combat. Add to the fact that when a sword is equipped, neither walking nor mounting does any kind of sound!

Classes for now won't matter to new beginners. You need to reach level 20+ on each class to feel a significant difference. Select a class you enjoy and grind it top tier players play like gentle giant,aero,and idiot mouse and see what they are doing .But honestly in the current state of the game.

Where is the best landing spot?

As with landing spot, the only thing you need to really pay attention to is to drop in high density areas! It doesn't matter if you die instantly or live through to the end, you will need that experience to become decent. For me personally it's like a 1/5 chance. 4 times I will die in the first 2 minutes and 1 time I will be the one who kills everyone (granted I got decent weaponry).

For me, Ice cemetery is a great place to land when the circle favors it. Lots of chests out in the open and 2 forges nearby. Can be a hot drop sometimes so be ready for a fight if you go there.

If you want a lot of kills early game, land Crossing or Lumber fall. Just be prepared to get attacked from multiple sides. They also both have forges close by with lots of loot. When you get to a forge, always forge armor potions.

Which is the best gun?

As with weapons, the various assault rifles (smg, burst, lmg, assualt) are very bad. Slug Rifle, Revolver, and Shotgun are good starting weapons, but as you get through the match you should really use your classes weapons. The list below may give your some ideas when you choosing guns.

AR=always shard
Burst=use if you just landed otherwise shard
Shotgun=keep around depending on class
SMG=use if you just landed otherwise shard
LMG= eh, like a suped up AR, shard in my opinion
Shredder= gold keep purple shard
Pistol= keep if good at aiming at the head, shred if not
Slug=always keep unless you get 2 special weapons as the game moves on
Sniper= shard unless you are good at it or someone on your team is good with it (no sense letting the enemy get it)



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