CS : GO Guide: Pro Tips for Making Out of Silver and Ranking to Gold Nova 1

2019-05-06 09:28:22

For many players, they often stuck in Silver4 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and can’t make it to Gold Nova 1. Ranking up to Gold Nova 1 isn’t an easy job. Therefore, Boostingvip.com provides this quick guide with some tips and tutorials on how to get out of silver. Most of the tips are shared around the web by other individuals. If you still stuck in silver rank with those tips, maybe you can buy Cheap CS:GO Boost at our website, where master players would do the job for you.

Go to the csgo workshop, and download aim_botz by Mr. ulletical (spelling lol), recoil master by the same person, and another good one is crashz crosshair generator Aim_botz is a good way to warmup, allows you to use any weapon and shoot bots that stand still, can adjust various amounts of bots, and even if they move or not. It helps immensely improve mechanics especially at lower skill levels(helped me a lot and I started playing 1.5 weeks ago and had never touched any Counter Strike games)

Also FFA custom server (HS pistol only>pistol bodyshots and HS>smg HS only> smg HS and BS>Rifles HS only>rifles HS and BS>whatever you want. Match lasts 30mins then resets) Helps reaction time a ridiculous amount since there are no teammates, way more enemies, and random spawn is enabled.

Watching pro replays/tourneys helps learn grenade placements, the most optimal routes for both CT and T, really good hiding/cover spots for peeking, crosshair placement etc.

Don't be shy, talked to your teammate create a good team environment.

Be aggressive and lead your team (basic instructions are worth in silver like "don't push or wait for my smoke"). Each team need to have someone that called the strat to say what you have to do, a lot more on T side than on ct side, but still it's important. If you have no real strat to say you can ask if anyone have a strat or if you see that one of your teammate is doing somethings wrong say to him, politely we don't want to insult him, and tell what to do to stop doing that mistake.

Play important positions like arches in Inferno or mid/highway in Cache. Don't be toxic and support the bottom fragger. Stay alive! Don't be the hero, just play solid and don't pick 2 vs 1 fights. Learn basic economy and be good with two weapons, AK and M4. You can carry with the AWP too, but in silver everyone thinks they are KennyS. Play smart and learn from your mistakes (ex. don't play two rounds the same, don't peek a awper in a 1 vs 1 retake situation, learn basic nades, wait for your teammate in a 2 vs 1 retake and so on). For example, I'm not mad with myself if I lose a gun fight, but if a enemy take my back or if I don't check a corner is all my fault. Mute the toxic teammate. If he don't give callouts or useful info., don't lose your time.

Go on private server on community server, that may seem obvious but instead of doing that third game of the night before going to sleep why don't you go on a private server and go find some smoke or nades while listening to music, it will relax you I swear. And please train your aim before doing your first game, not for long only like 15 minutes just to be ok for your first game.

That's all that I have to say for now to not suck and get out of silver. Hopefully, it helps!



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