PUBG Guide: How To Improve Your Aim And Get More Chicken Dinners

2019-04-18 09:58:38

In a Battle Royale game like PUBG, aiming accurately and getting more kills is the key of get a Chicken Dinner and ranking up fast. Therefore, for those who have been unable to get a chicken dinner; those who have KDA under 0.5 and/or under 50 damage dealt, below we’ve put together a number of tips and tricks that will help you aim at targets and take them down with relative ease in PUBG.

How Aim Work In PUBG

Before we go in for aiming tips, you have to understand how aim works in PUBG. Here’s a brief description on how it works:

As far as timing goes, a lot of people can’t get how to time the shots of people running. An easy tip to remember is for every 100m they are from you, aim one body width away. When they are 200m away, aim two bodies ahead of them, and continue from there. It’s too easy once you get used to it.

A huge misconception is the how the ACOG (4x) scope works as far as the sight. The tip of the arrow is the zero, the inner portion of the chevron (arrow) is 200m, the lower portion (or bottoms of the “legs”) of the chevron is 300m, and the notch below that is 400m and each notch below that another 100.

One more thing that you have to realize about zeroing is if you are close ranger and aiming at the enemies forehead, the way the arching of bullets works, you will actually shoot over the target. A gun barrel (as is it is in real life) is aimed slightly up in order to compensate for gravity, which is why you shoot over a players head if you aim at the top of their head, so when closer (10-50 meters) try to aim at the lower portion of the the head (try to knock a tooth out).

Tips on Training Your Aim in PUBG

Low sensitivity is key. If you struggle to put the crosshair from someone's shoulder to their head, your sensitivity is probably too high. If you try to flick and constantly overshoot, your sensitivity is probably too high. If you only ever move your wrist and not your elbow and fingers, your sensitivity is probably too high.

Move to adjust aim for a little bit rather than standing still and aim, then shoot, then repeat. This forces them to adjust their aim as well!

Move to different cover when you shot them and they see you shoot. If they don't see you moving to a different shooting spot, they have to look for your again which gives you time to aim and shoot for the head!

For close encounters, I mostly rely on from the hip firing: spray and pray. In a lot of cases, being aggressive works out for me and it has earned me a lot of satisfying kills and wins. I've found every rapid firing weapon successful. A plus point: you can move while firing if you have a firing button on your right thumb as well (I use my left thump for aimed shots and my right for shots from the hip)

Last, I'll say learn to full auto. At close to mid range, you will lose to anyone with proper control of their recoil pattern (particularly the first ~5 bullets) the vast majority of the time. Carry a weapon you're confident you can full auto someone with at all times.Mini14 and AKM is easily one of the best non-drop loadouts in the game.

That’s the end of this PUBG Aiming Guide. If you still have trouble with certain quests in the game, you can buy cheap PUBG boosting service at, where you can choose different master players to complete some difficult missions for you.



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