Destiny 2 Spring-Themed The Revelry Event Is Live Now

2019-04-18 09:58:57

Spring is in corner, and Destiny 2 is getting a new seasonal event called The Revelry, offering players a chance to earn Inaugural Revelry Armor, The Arbalest Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle, and a mix of cosmetics like Ghost shells and ships. The event began on April 16 and will continue through May 6,lasting about as long as the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost or the holiday-themed Dawning. The event is available to all players, although some activities will require DLC ownership. Keep on reading for what participants in The Revelry can look forward to.

What is the Revelry in Destiny 2?

The Destiny 2 Revelry event is similar to the Dawning and the Festival of the Lost. It's centered around a new activity called the Verdant Forest, a randomly generated dungeon styled after the Vex Infinite Forest.

The activity is similar to the Haunted Forest we saw during the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost. Both activities require you to fight through the forest for as long as you can, extending a timer as you go.

To access the Verdant Forest, you'll need to visit Eva Levante. She'll give you a particular item, the Reveler's Tonic. Pull it up in your inventory and activate a perk on it to start it up. It'll give you an hour's worth of speedier recharges on either your grenades, your class ability, or your melee attacks. Make sure you remember to make use of the Reveler's Tonic, regardless of what activities you're playing in during The Revelry--the amped-up recharge rates are ridiculously powerful. We recommend picking the grenade boost. This buff lasts for one hour and works in all activities — including the Crucible.

After you select a buff, talk to Eva again and she’ll give you a bounty to take on the new Verdant Forest. After you complete her bounty, you’ll open up her full inventory of weekly and daily bounties.

Rewards & Armor

Completing the Verdant Forest will net you multiple rewards. By the way, if you have trouble with completing the Verdant Forest, you can come to for Cheap The Destiny Boosting Service, where you can choose other master players to play it for you. For starters, you'll earn pieces of the Inaugural Revelry armor set. The more bosses you kill in a run, the better your chances at getting an armor drop. Plus, Eva will have five weekly bounties which will awards pieces of the armor as a powerful drop. As a reminder, each piece of the set you equip will boost the effect of your Reveler’s Tonic so be sure to grab the full set.

You will also earn Reveler’s Essence through activities. This can be exchanged with Eva for packages containing various rewards such as world drops, Enhancement Cores, and ornaments for the Inaugural Revelry helmet.

Arbalest Quest & The Arbalest Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle

Completing Triumphs and collecting Reveler’s Essence for Eva will earn you the Arbalest Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle. To unlock the exotic weapon, players need to participate in Arbalest Quest. After you’ve talked to Eva at the Tower Bazaar and gained access to the Verdant Forest, you’ll need to clear a certain number of branches in the forest and go see Eva again to unlock Revelry Bounties.

These bounties involve completing simple objectives in the Verdant Forest. As you do so, you’ll accumulate Reveler’s Essence. Datamines suggest 300 Essence will be required to get Arbalest, which means you’ll likely need to complete about 12 to 15 Revelry Bounties to unlock the weapon.



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