League of Legends Guide: How To Earn Prestige Points And Unlock 2019 Yearly Prestige Edition Skin

2019-04-19 09:34:25

Prestige Points are a new in-game currency that was introduced in League Of Legends patch 9.1,  as a means of a way to unlock Prestige Skins. Here’s everything you need to know about the currency, and how you can earn them.

Usually, the Prestige Edition skins were only obtainable through events by exchanging Event Tokens. However, with the introduction to Prestige Points, they can achieve this. Prestige Points will be typically used to unlock craftable Prestige Edition Skin that will be released throughout the year. Once you reached enough Prestige Points, you can unlock the Prestige Edition Skins. You will be unable to unlock any Prestige Edition unlockable skins during events with Prestige Points. They will exclusively be for the event only.

How do I earn Prestige Points in League of Legends?

Masterwork Chests

Originally, Masterwork Chests were the only way players could get Prestige Points. Players can purchase Masterwork Chests from the Riot Store. There will be three Masterwork Chest bundles to choose from in the Loot section of the store. Each one offers different amounts of Prestige Points. The most expensive will give you 13 Prestige Points but cost 2250 RP (Riot Points) real money with the smallest bundle offers 1 Prestige Point for 225 RP.

Riot Games is looking into more ways to receive Prestige Points.

In April this year, the LOL team has announced a new way for players to earn prestige points in League of Legends to unlock those special gold exclusive character skins.

Every time Riot hosts a new event in League, the Event Shop will offer a one-time purchase of 100 Prestige Points as an options for players who prefer to just buy the points for that event’s skin. The price for this token pack will be a bit higher than the price of the event skin on offer.

In addition, Event Passes will now also come with an exclusive “Milestone Missions” function that will grant extra Prestige Points. Therefore, players who can’t grind in shorter can get the skins without the need to grind for longer than needed or spend more money.

So far, the game developer hasn’t confirmed that when these new ways to access Prestige Points will be implemented in the game, but LoL fans will be happy to know that they are on the way, and will likely be added to the game in the near future.

Unlocking Prestige Edition Skin with Prestige Points

The 2019 yearly Prestige Edition that can be crafted will require 100 Prestige Points. As soon as you reach 100 Prestige Points, head over to the Hextech Crafting section in the League Of Legends client and click on the Prestige Points to exchange and unlock Prestige Edition Skins. Prestige Points will expire from Masterwork Chests bundles on 31st December 2019 at 11:59 p.m. are you troubled by certain hard quests and can’t conquer them? Then you can come to Boostingvip.com for Cheap League of Legends Boost . Here you can choose from a bunch of veteran players to help you.



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