League of Legends Guide: Best Ways to Farm Blue Essence Fast and Easy

2019-05-10 09:27:55

If you want to purchase almost anything in League of Legends you’ll need to get hold of a currency called Blue Essence, which be spent on Champions, additional Rune Pages, Chromas and more. With that in mind, you’ll want to get your head round how to get hold of it, and quickly too. Here boostingvip.com presents you this League of Legends Blue Essence Guide which contains a list of all the ways to collect Blue Essence. So, be sure to read on.

How to Earn Blue Essence in League of Legends?

Basically, you get Blue Essence from win of the day quest and disenchanting shards you owned/champs you don't want in League of Legends.

You get blue essence by disenchanting Champion Shards. There are 2 ways to obtain Champion Shards. First, open a loot chest. To do this you need a chest and key. You’ll find info about them here: Hextech Crafting Guide. Note: you aren’t always guaranteed to get a Champion Shard from a loot chest. Make sure to save the champ shards you want to get and don’t disenchant them. Disenchant any of the rest of them. It feels like you are getting less but it is actually about the same amount depending on how much you are playing. People seem to forget how slow getting champs was before and like to complain but if you play a decent amount.

Alternatively, you can purchase loot chests for 1700 IP from the store.

In addition, make sure to get first win of the day quest every day, as it also rewards you with some amount of Blue Essence. Although it doesn't give a lot of blue essence but it does give a lot of exp. Getting exp means getting champion capsules which you can then use to get champion shards to disenchant for blue essence also playing a lot will give exp which will make leveling up faster.

Among the two methods, the majority of your BE is supposed to be coming from selling champion shards you get out of the capsules you get whenever you level up your account. Depending on the champ(s) you pull, you can get a few hundred to a couple of thousand Blue Essence off a single capsule. A few levels can easily get you almost any champion you want.

You can also get a sizable amount of BE from events and Hextech crates. Those tokens you earn from events like the Odyssey event can be exchanged for BE, and many of the event missions also reward BE. When you earn those Hextech keys and chests from playing and being a good sport, you can use the champion shards you get. If you don’t have enough time to play these missions and earn Blue Essence, why not come and buy Cheap League of Legends Boost at Boostinvip.com? Let diamond players helps you quickly.

For any new player, I highly recommend treating the game as free-to-play only as a trial run; once you've decided that League is something you want to invest your time in, put $5-$10 bucks down to get a champion that suits your playstyle, and use that champion to have an enjoyable time grinding towards whatever else you want. That amount is still far cheaper than most games out there, and for the amount of content Riot makes and the hours you can put into League, it's well worth it.



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