How to Get A Weapon Master Title On PUBG Mobile Version

2019-05-27 09:01:27
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile has a very famous title that every player wants to achieve, and that is the title of "Weapon Master". To get this PUBG Mobile title you have to complete the following tasks:

Kill an enemy with Assault Rifle.
Kill an enemy with SMG.
Kill an enemy with a Shotgun.
Kill an enemy with Throwable.

Kill an enemy with Vehicle.

Now that you know what you need to do, let's proceed to how you can earn that with ease.

First, the weapon categories listed above are arranged in what I think is the most efficient way to complete the achievement. That is, first you want to kill using a Shotgun, then SMG,... finishing with an Assault Rifle kill.

These weapon categories are not necessarily ranked from most-to-least difficult, but rather result from the high density of items you’ll need to locate to even hope to complete the challenge.

Basically, you’ll want to kill using what are arguably the weakest weapons first (i.e. Shotguns, SMGs, Throwables), so that you can quickly drop them and switch to higher powered weapons used in the later game (i.e. Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles).

Second, unless you’re quite efficient at combing through high-density loot locations for the required materials, you might want to enlist the help of teammates (who are willing to refrain from killing bots when they see them!) and play Duo/Squad, with your teammates helping you to:

Locate the weapon categories that you need
Help to attract/spot bots (but not kill them!)

For the first point, regardless of whether you’re playing Solo/Duo/Squad, you’ll need to loot primarily in high-density loot locations such as North/South Georgopol. Earn PUBG Mobile Weapon Master Achievement

Also, regardless of teammate number, you’ll need to find a vehicle fairly quickly, which are more common in high-density loot areas. Again, if you can’t find the weapons, you cannot complete the achievement!

For the second point, you’ll want to concentrate on making early weapon category kills against bots, who will basically just sit there and take your abuse.

Since it appears that bots are magnetically attracted to real players (with more bots spawning next to larger contingents of real players), you’ll want your teammates to be looting alongside you and helping to spot these bots when they arise. You’ll want to find these bots quickly, and dispatch them using the first, more difficult-to-kill-with of the weapon categories such as Shotguns, SMGs, and Throwables.Earn PUBG Mobile Weapon Master Achievement.

If you can manage to kill bots in the early game with everything but Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles, great! You’re basically set to earn that achievement! In the mid-late game, Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles are plentiful in enemy crates, so they do not need to be found or used in the super early looting phase.Earn PUBG Mobile Weapon Master Achievement.

In a world, earning a weapon master title is a long and complicated process. If you don’t have too much time or find it too difficult for you, then maybe you can come to for Cheap PUBG Boost to help you achieve the goal. Here are a few more tips:

1.If you do not yet have the necessary weapon category available, do not engage bots (either you or your teammates) if one is hovering around your location.
2.Do not worry about taking damage from bots, as they hit softly. Be patient, and don’t let their fire cause you to miss out on getting the kills you need.
3.Grab a vehicle early, so that you can roam around during the close of the 1st circle and beyond, and hunt for those juicy juicy bots.

Hope this helps, and happy achievement hunting!



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