Here’s A Complete Hearthstone Darlan Heist Adventure Beginner Guide

2019-05-24 09:24:26

The Dalaran Heist is live! As the biggest and best single-player expansion yet, the Dalaran Heist Adventure promises a bunch of interesting additions and changes. This time, there are totally five chapters to complete, with each featuring unique bosses and rules, new treasures, passives. In addition, a all new “tavern encounter” will help you flesh out your deck better. Here is a guide on everything you need to know to topple both the Dalaran Bank in Act I and the Violet Hold of Act II.

Dalaran Heist Overview

As with previous deckbuilding Solo Adventures, players will choose a Hero and deal with increasingly difficult encounters, adding cards and powerful treasures to their deck with each win. Once a player lose, he’ll l lose the deck he have built and start over. However, in the Dalaran Heist offer players more customization, more bosses to fight, and more ways to experience hijinks in the magical city!

Dalaran Heist Price And Rewards

Launching consecutively over the next 3 weeks, future chapters will be available for purchase as a bundle containing all chapters for $19.99 USD, and individually for 700 Gold or $6.99 USD. Here’s what you’ll get once you buy the entire adventure:

15 Rise of Shadows Packs
1 Golden Classic Pack
Zayle, Shadow Cloak Golden Legendary Card
Two Card Backs
The Great Dalaran Heist Solo Content Adventure

Dalaran Heist Chapter And Release Date

Chapter 1: Dalaran Bank - May 16th, 2019
Description: Break into the Bank of Dalaran to loot its most precious artifacts.
Twist: Coin-filled Coffers - A 0/3 Cache spawns on the opponent's side of the board. Breaking it gives 2 Coins to each player.

Chapter 2: The Violet Hold -May 16th, 2019
Description: Defeat the guards of this magical prison to unleash the horrors within
Twist: Imprisoned Minions - At the start of the game a random minion from each player's deck is locked on the board. It will unlock once enough turns have by that are equal to its mana cost.

Chapter 3: Streets of Dalaran - May 23rd, 2019
Description: Overwhelm the merchants of Dalaran to control the heart of the city.
Twist: Crowded Streets - A bunch of untargetable tokens or objects will be placed on the board, these reduce the amount of space you have for your minions!

Chapter 4: The Underbelly - May 30th, 2019
Description: Defeat the residents of these subterranean tunnels to hook up Dr. Boom's rockets.
Twist: Swapped Attack & Health - Minions have their attack and health swapped.

Chapter 5: Kirin Tor Citadel - June 6th, 2019
Description: Do battle against the magical leaders of the Kirin Tor to claim the city for E.V.I.L.!

Twist: Four Additional Encounters - There are four additional encounters to complete to finish this chapter!

Buy Dalaran Heist Adventure Now!

Although it’s less than 2 weeks since Dlaran Heist hit the market, the new adventure has receive positive reviews from players around the world. Dalaran looks to be the best piece of solo content the Hearthstone team has ever put out for us, so if you enjoyed past content (paid or free) you should love this one. And if you need help for certain challenges, you can come to for Cheap Hearthstone Boost. Forget about ladder for a day a week over the next month and chill with the League of E.V.I.L.



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