How to Better Play Freya on Battlerite

2019-07-05 08:46:01

Freya is one of the more difficult champions for a new player since a large part of her strength is based on using i-frames to dodge attacks. If you don't know what you have to dodge because you don’t know the rest of the line-up very well that makes it tricky. To better play with this character, here are some practical tips from a Champ Freya:

- Your Space and E are useful in their own right, but it’s also very important to use their i-frames to dodge opponents’ attacks. For example, before you use Space to jump on Iva, you can wait until she fires her rocket and jump over it.

- At the start of each match identify who is the easiest target for you. I’m not gonna list all the characters here, but in general the ones with few escape moves and/or no counters are the best choices. A nice coincidence is that a lot of supports, who are high priority targets to begin with, fit this description. Some examples are Blossom, Lucie, or Alysia. (On a side note, the character with the fewest escapes is the one who just wasted them all, but that's an easy target for everyone, not just Freya)

- The incap from pinning some to a wall with RMB is just long enough to give you a guaranteed hit with ult (although you miss out on the bonus 15 damage from Static). Also, keep track of cooldowns of all enemies (something you should be always doing anyway) - anyone with no escapes and no movespeed buffs is also an easy hit with your ult.

- Make smart use of the Static debuff. In an ideal situation, when you catch an enemy with all their fun stuff on cooldown and you’re free to use your abilities in the order that’s most optimal for you, you want to do it like this: apply Static, hit them with a few LMBs for the bonus +2dmg, but consume the Static with R, E, or RMB (whichever you consider the best for the situation at hand) before it runs out, then reapply it and continue this pattern. Of course it's not always gonna be this simple unless the enemy just stands still, but you get the idea.

- This may be a personal preference thing, but I’m not a big fan of Freya’s EX abilities - they’re nowhere near as good as for example Shifu’s or Jade’s. I think that you’re usually better off just saving energy for your ult. R is great though and you should use it often, but if you take the rite for it it’s free.

- For Freya defensive and offensive abilities are pretty much the same thing. If you waste your cooldowns you may find yourself in a fight that you can't win and can't get get out of either. Don’t get into a fight half-cocked, it's often better to just wait things out until your abilities are back up.

- Finally, don’t be afraid to be on the front lines. Of course blind aggression is dumb, but so is staying at a distance and getting kited to death by ranged enemies. Freya is actually not afraid of being outnumbered - what is a chaotic moshpit for others, is a natural environment for her. If you jump into the middle of enemy team, you can actually counter / dodge with i-frames a lot of their attacks, plus you can stack massive shields with Q, E (if you take the rite, which I strongly recommend) and R (you get more shields for each Static consumed). For this reason, Freya is much better at winning 1v2 or 1v3 clutches than most characters are, and it's part what I love about her so much. Obviously, that's what you can do if you play it all right - if you fuck up you're going to get beaten to a pulp:) But hey, Battlerite is all about rewarding big plays and punishing mistakes, right?

That’s the end of this guide. I hope it helps you! If you wanna improve your gameplay, you can come to for Cheap Battlerite Boosting and coaching service. A bunch of pro players will teach you and help you cover difficult challenges.



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