Destiny 2:Shadowkeep Raid Location Has Been Revealed

2019-07-08 08:49:05

Bungie's next expansion for Destiny 2 is called Shadowkeep and it takes place on the Moon, where Guardians will face off against the Hive once again. Recently, Brian Frank (Design Lead at Bungie) revealed that where Shadowkeepraid will be taking place.

Location of Shadowkeep Raid

Unlike when Guardians returned to Mars at a new location last year with Warmind, Shadowkeep will take players back to the Earth’s Moon. The Moon was a prominent location in Destiny 1and the home to Destiny 2’ s second raid: Crota’s End). Bungie says the landscape at the Moon has evolved thanks to Hive meddling and will be twice the size of the original Moon. Furthermore, Recently, in the Bungie ViDoc, Brian Frank (Design Lead at Bungie) revealed that the raid in Shadowkeep will be taking place in The Black Garden. Black Garden was the place where Guardians first encountered the Vex worshipping the Darkness. You can skip the ViDoc to 9:15 to see how it looks.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Story Overview

Shadowkeep is the first major expansion for Destiny 2 since Bungie's split from Activision earlier this year. Shadowkeep is set on Earth's moon and will see the return of Eris Morn. The moon's changed a lot and is no longer the same as it in Destiny 1. it is now?is filled with "nightmares" based on previously vanquished foes including Crota and Ghaul?and others can be seen in the trailer. you're called in to do some good old-fashioned ghost busting. 

Because Bungie is no longer published by Activision, itself a part of the bigger Activision Blizzard brand. As such, the developer has announced a few other changes to the game. First, Bungie will no longer distribute the PC version of Destiny 2 through Instead, it will distribute it through Valve’s Steam,and current PC players will be able to migrate all of their progress to the Steam version when it launches this fall alongside Shadowkeep. 

Alongside the release of Shadowkeep this fall, Bungie will announce a new version of?Destiny 2?called?New Light, a free-to-play version of the game that a free-to-play version the experience called Destiny 2: New Light that will allow players to jump into the base game as well as all the Year 1 content, including the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions, for free.

In addition, a cross-save feature will also let players bring their character progress to any platform, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia (which means mobile devices, too).

Shadowkeep will be released on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (exclusively on Steam), with three special editions. The base version of Shadowkeep costs $35 on all platforms. The Digital Deluxe Edition will run you $60 and comes with four Season Pass credits, letting you access the next four seasons of content (nearest we can tell, this is basically another annual pass), as well as an Eris Morn-themed emote, Ghost shell, and emblem. Last, the Collector's Edition will cost you $150 and it comes with: everything in the Digital Deluxe Edition 
An Exclusive emblem, a 7.8" Hive cryptoglyph replica, a Luna Mission handbook and some other items.

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