Here’s A General Guide for Playing Light Tanks in World of Tanks

2019-05-22 09:22:34

Light Tanks are the most easily misplayed tanks in World of Tanks. Light Tanks can make a massive impact on your chances of winning on nearly every map, and offer the most rewarding gameplay when done right. The downside is when done wrong you will die and die fast. So, how does one play Light Tank and make the most advantage of Light Tanks? As a semi-decent light tank driver, here are my few tips. In addition, here at, you can find master players to teach you through buying Cheap World of Tanks Boost. Without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

Know who you are playing against. So, you are tier 5, most tier 5s have a view range similar to yours so you can assume kinda safely that they have the exact same view range as you(without binos or whatever). Okay, take that and add the fact that you have more camo than them and you are sitting in a bush, you can tell if they are like, in the first quarter of your view range they probably won't see you, when they reach more inward (like the first third) prepare to leg it. Use XVM, at lower tiers, if you see anyone green, they probably have some binos on that tank so if you see them, they probably saw you too.

There are a few situations where there are multiple bushes close to each other (or trees) feel free to back and forth between them in such a way that the first bush is switching from transparent and non transparent while facing the tank where you want to run. If you see a single gun turning towards you, leg it.

You don't have to scout constantly, if you can deal a single point of dmg SAFELY, please do so. Stick around people and just support them however you can. There will be a time when you will be needed later to active scout.

Don't worry about trying to put out too much damage yourself early on. Opportunity shots are good if you can make them safely, but don't compromise your concealment or your position to tickle an enemy. The longer you stay alive, the more of an asset you are to the rest of your team, especially if you outlast the enemy's lights.

Often times the late game will really open things up for lights. Less tanks on the field, and knowing where those tanks are, makes it much easier to move around unseen and finish off already weakened targets.

Learn how to do a handbrake turn, running away while handbrake turning instead of just turning will probably be all the few inches you need between a miss and a hit.

Do not fire while you are in a bush. Doesn't matter how juicy they look. Don't shoot.

Look at the map while staying still. For the view range circle thing but also in case you see an opening to do a nasty flank. That flank could be all that you need to pull the enemies attention towards you and have your team push through a crappy situation (if they aren't sleeping on their asses that is).

Don't die. If you are quick witted, you can probably carry a 1v2 and upwards without too much fuss if you are a little lucky with the matchup, due to your camo and you being able to choose when to fight and how to fight.

There's a lot more to cover but hopefully that gives you some idea.



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