Dota 2 Hero Guide: How to Play with The New Hero Grimstroke

2019-04-24 09:36:00

Grimstroke is a new hero added to Dota 2 in 2018. Billed as a spellcasting support hero, Grimstroke offers quite a lot of utility and even damage output, but requires some good synergy and timing to work effectively. Therefore, herein is sharing with you some tips to help you become the best Grimstroke in the world. Also, if you have trouble with playing Dota 2, why not come to for Cheap Dota 2 Boost?

Skill Build

Your first skill point almost always going to be in the Stroke of Fate (first skill) since it's an awesome tool for harass, and can secure you the first ranged creep. After that I'd put a point on Ink Swell and proceed to focus on Stroke of Fate and then Ink Swell. Just after maxing your first and third ability, I'd put in Phantom's embrace, and then in your ultimate. You may need to change your skill build depending on the game. If you feel that an early point in phantom's embrace is going to help you, go for it. 

Laning strategy: You should always aim to hit your opponent with your Stroke of Fate Skill going through the creep wave for the max damage. Since your Stroke of Fate Skill goes in an angle, try to maintain your enemy (as well as his creep wave) on the opposite side of your left hand (the one holding the staff) to make it easier to hit him and his entire creep wave with your Stroke of Fate Skill (Like this). 

Try to secure at least one creep each time you use your Stroke of Fate Skill to harass. Remember that if you hit all the creep wave with your Stroke of Fate Skill you'll need 3 auto attacks to kill the ranged creep with your Stroke of Fate Skill lvl 1, 1 auto attack with your Stroke of Fate Skill lvl 2, and at lvl 3 you can instantly kill it. Don't forget that the explosion damage and the stun from your E scales with the damage dealt with it before the explosion.

Item Build

Not much to say about the item build. The hero is really versatile, and I'd say the only core item in this build is the HotD. I also really like Aether lens on him. My go-to build is : HotD > Arcane boots > Dagon 1~5 > Aether Lens. But sometimes I need an early force staff, or an ghost scepter.

General Gameplay Tips for Grimstroke

Phantom Embrace is best used in conjunction with a teammate who can lock the target down and ensure the Phantom inflicts its maximum damage.

Although Ink Swell can be useful as an offensive tool, it is also extremely powerful at protecting teammates who have been locked down and find themselves defenseless. It'll certainly make enemies think twice before finishing off their prey.

Try to coordinate your use of Soulbind with your teammates own abilities so that the maximum amount of pain is inflicted against the maximum amount of targets.



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