Apex Legends Currency Guide: Crafting Metal, Legend Tokens and Apex Coins

2019-04-25 09:28:32

Like any other games, in Apex Legends, players are allowed players to earn in-game money, with which players can purchase  shiny character outfit or exclusive weapon skin in the in-game shop. In total, there are three kinds of currencies in Apex Legends: Crafting Metal, Legend Tokens and Apex Coins. Now we’ll explain each currency to you and how to earn them.

Crafting Metal

The only way to get more crafting metals is by opening Apex Packs, which means they can’t be bought with real money. Apex Packs can be acquired through one of two ways: they are awarded every time the player levels up and they can be purchased through the store using Apex Coins, the premium currency. This means that it is entirely based on luck and RNG as to whether players get enough crafting materials to make anything. As an example, by level 15, I had 320 crafting metals, barely enough to craft an Epic item. To get more Apex Packs, players will need to level up quickly, which involves winning more games and performing better. Check out the best weapons and gun tier list to help you claim those extra victories needed to level up.

Crafting metals, much like other items, can drop in different rarities. It is possible to get Rare and even Epic quality drops of crafting metals, which will certainly help boost your supply.

Craft metals allow players to craft Crafting metals are used to craft specific cosmetic items including Weapon skins, Legend skins, Legend banners, Legend quips (intros and kills), Legend finishers. Every cosmetic item has a specific rating in Apex Legends, ranging from Common to Legendary. The rarer, the more expensive.

Legend Tokens

You earn these by playing the game and leveling up,which means they can’t be bought with real money. For each level you earn, you get 600 Legend Tokens. Leveling up early on is relatively quick, and if you play a few hours of day you should be able to gather up enough of these to unlock one of the Legends pretty fast. However, if you don’t have enough time to play Apex Legends to rank up higher, you can come to Bootingvip.com for Cheap Apex Legends Boost, where you can choose veteran players to help you level up higher and faster.

Players can use them to unlock new Legends and Legend Token-exclusive skins from the Store. There are currently two right now (Caustic and Mirage), and they can be obtained for 12,000 Legend Tokens. If you purchase or own a particular skin, you will be able to unlock an alternative coloring of that skin for some Legend Tokens.

Apex Coins

Apex Coins are the premium currency and can only be purchased with real-world money through the in-game store. You can use them to buy featured items in the Store, new Legends, and Apex Packs. It’s impossible to buy cosmetic items directly with Apex Coins, except for those featured in the Store.



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