PUBG Guide - Best Loot Locations for Map Sanhok, Map Vikendi and Map Miramar

2019-05-17 09:22:07
The loot you can find will make or break your game in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), thus it is important to know which places to go to for the best loot. There are various map for players to choose in the game. Today, we’ll be walking you through best loot locations on map  Sanhok, Vikendi and Miramar.

Map Sannoh

On Sanhok you can basically guarantee you'll get an AR and DMR/SR, with 75% attachments most games. The main thing to keep in mind when looting in Sanhok is to try picking a landing spot where you are most likely to be safe during the first few moments of the game. If you choose to land and loot on a crowded zone, such as Bootcamp or Paradise Resort, always remember to move quickly. Also, don’t be afraid to retreat to a less populated area if other players get to your ideal zone first. It’s better to live longer in the game than to risk being defenseless. Try to loot the basics first: a handgun, an SMG or an AR weapon, Level 1 armor, and some med supplies. This will allow you to defend yourself if you run into some enemies early.

Map Vikendi

Vikendi, on the other hand, has a more "play with the cards you're dealt" style. A typical game gets your a well-kitted SMG and some sort AR for the mid-range. It forces you to play tactically depending on the loot you find, whilst also baring in mind that a few people will have a silenced SR and maybe even an 8x. However, this is then further balanced out with the fact that L3 helmets are not just air drop loot and there are seemingly more throwable loot (smokes particularly).

On this map, Castle (Like Bootcamp) and Goroka (Like Pochinki) are the two favorite loot locations for players. Castle has higher chances of level 3 armor/helmet. Goroka won't give you much level 3 loot but it has a decent loot. Basically the Bootcamp and Pochinki of Vikendi respectively.

Map Miramar

Miramar has 3 god buildings and they are mainly found all over the map in small compounds so it's easier to find good enough gear and fight. As with map Miramar, best loot locations on Miramar are the concrete buildings, the ones that always have a set of two, a two story section that you can climb on top of, and the larger factory/warehouse buildings with pallets inside and an internal balcony. The really large ones. Any form of farmhouse, and any of the longer warehouses like those in Campo (similar to farmhouses).

The stadium in Pozo, Pecado. Casino. There's also another two types of large brick buildings that are really good (example is the one on the hill above Puerto Paradise, it has a concrete building on the dock area, and 3 of the large brick buildings in the southern side spaced out).

Now you know best loot locations of three popular map in PUBG! For more news and guides on PUBG, stay tuned to If you wanna improve your gameplay and get more chickens, you can also visit where Cheap PUBG Boost provides advanced players to help you get better and rank up faster.



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