Pro Tips on Making Gold in World of Warcraft

2019-04-26 09:10:52

Wanna make 2 mil or 5 mil a day in World of WarCraft and buy anything you want in AH? Here is sharing with you some pro tips on making money fast and easy in World of Warcraft. So, if you are not great at making money, be sure to study below for advice or right buy Cheap World of Warcraft Boost at

Do gold missions. If you simply run your order hall gold missions on one character and don’t spend gold on the AH,you should probably be earning something like 30k+ a month at the minimum even if you dont play at all. If you use the mobile app once a day to make sure you don’t miss any gold missions and were do all the emissary quests. I would think you should be up 50K or more in a month. With 3 level 110's I went one month without actually playing (had enough order resources to not need to log in) and just sending out for gold missions via the app and that netted me 140K in one month.

You can run lots of old Dungeon & Raid content to sell junk, and auction off the good stuffs. Battle Pets is also a lucrative business on the AH. If you don't mind the time investment, farming for materials is always good; herbs are rarely a poor choice of investment.

While world questing, try to focus on gold quest. Personally i just do every single one on argus, i dont even bother to farm gold world quest at the broken isle, but of course those takes priority while trying to complete 4 you need for the boxes.

Have at least get 4 characters with these professions. Tailoring/Enchanter; Minning/jewelcrating; Minning/Blacksmithing and Herbalist/alchemist. You can skip blacksmithing and take Minning/herbalist with 1 of your alts. While doing your world quest in argus, try to get all the ores and herbs that you can. Send all the cloth and greens to your tailor character.

Oh and don't underestimate fishing. A lot of people hate fishing but need the fish, so you see a pool here and there fish it out. After a few days you might have quite a few so throw those fish in the AH.

Last, install TSM plus the app and all of its working modules. This will give you all you need to know about pricing of items and can automate the auction process somewhat(you must still manually do auctions but it helps with pricing so it is one button). You will need to watch a you tube video to help with setup though. There is some simple scripts required to make this function properly for both the sniper and the auction side.

Then you need to start farming, not mats but gear and pets. The best way to find these is to search on you tube. I like studen albatroz and sharken the most but there is quite a few. The key thing is to keeping your xmog stocked, a lot of pieces will take months to sell. So to generate daily income you need to have 100's if not 1000's of pieces of xmog to generate 3-20 sales a day. You quickly learn what sells and what takes forever.

After this you can buy wow tokens and pay for all your wow time plus if your doing this you can create a second account using tokens to make it possible to have one too in the auction house whenever you are playing and doing whatever with your main account. If you do this don't forget to RAF yourself for the free mounts and pets.



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