Hearthstone Guide:How to Defeat Lich King With Standard Class

2019-06-24 09:00:01
With the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne on Hearthstone, the battle with the Lich King represents the final encounter in the solo adventure. So, if you have a large collection of cards that are in standard,and look any good standard lich king card decks to beat Lich King, be sure to read on.

This list is going to assume you have a decent standard collection.

Murlocs for a lot of classes (Rogue, Warlock, Shaman, Mage, Paladin), SMOrc him down before Frostmourne phase. You need to open with Tidecaller into Rockpool, and Lich King must not have obliterate or blizzard, so there will be a lot of restarts but this works. Throw all the murlocs available (especially those that buff attack) plus class-related finishers like Bloodlust or Fireball. Lots of murlocs are from Classic and Basic sets so very budget-friendly except perhaps Warleader.

Paladin also works with Young Dragonhawk strategy - It should be the only minion in your deck, the rest are buffs and weapons to protect it.

Priest works with good old Divine Spirit / Inner Fire combo on any minion with sufficiently high health.

For Druid Mecha’thun is indeed just trivial, can't recommend anything else.

Hunter works with beast synergies - grow and protect a huge Hyena, also Vicious Fledgeling is nice. Can take any beast midrange hunter deck as a base.

Warrior is difficult without cheese, I did it with odd warrior because in the Frostmourne phase after you brawl, as long as you throw any minion for Lich King to kill with his weapon (ideally a zero attack taunt), you armor up for 4 and take 2 damage from his minion = net health gain so you can outlast and mill him.

Molten giants make it easy for classes where you take initial damage like Mage.

If this is your first time defeating the Lich King, it most certainly means his second phase is disastrous to you: 5 attack of his own + 6x 2/6 minions while he's completely invulnerable means you take quite some damage, which is bad for the third phase where his Hero Power steadily grows in power. You really only want to stick in that 2nd phase when you have the cards to make use of that, and if you did, you wouldn't need helping beating the Lich King.

Personally, I recommend crafting 2x Shadow Word: Horror. It is cheap to craft and the easiest way to bypass that nasty second phase (Doomsayer is also a possibility, but it slows you down by also wiping out your field which is not good for the Lich King's third phase). And yeah, obviously, go with Priest. Not just because of Shadow Word Horror, but also because the Priest isn't penalized. Other than that, the other 28 cards in your deck can simply be your best cards. Make sure it's a fast deck, so you don't stay too long in the third phase.

Meanwhile, What's recommended now is to use a taunt with 0 attack and either Divine Shield and <6 health, or 6-7 health. You also need to remove all but one of the 2/6 souls (e.g. Brawl, Abusive Sergeant + Mossy Horror) before playing Kel'Thuzad and the taunt. This way, only the taunt dies each turn and then gets resurrected by KT; it also ensures that the last soul survives so you can kill it with KT and then go face with the Scaled Nightmare.

It's also a good idea to have some hard removal or some more attack minions on board because LK does play some taunts - including Sludge Belcher - which will reappear after the last soul dies. If you still have trouble with defeating lich king, why not come to Boostingvip.com, a professional EOL boost store for assistance? Buy Cheap Hearthstone Boost and let diamonds players finish the battle for you.

That’s the end of this guide. Hope it helps!



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