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Have been playing since Season 1 on my main account, took a 2 year break and then came back to grind my account back to Masters! I am currently ranked Diamond 1 and have been in Masters before, I know how the top tier players like to play lane phase and I know exactly what the low elo's don't want to see in there games. I will basically crush anyone with my fizz mid play. If that doesn't work, then I can play jungle, i have an account in ever single elo, I did this because I love to play solo queue with my friends and teach them how to play the game better day by day. My favorite feeling I get would probably be in a coaching and I see the 'light bulb' effect when somebody realizes exactly what they are doing wrong. I love to see my customers progress after the coaching, I really just love the game of League of Legends so much. That's why I play it so consistently even though I also work a full time job in accounting business on the side, I can still find time to complete your order/coaching within a reasona

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If you want Ramil to be your booster, type 62 when you choose the booster for your order

Dalton's Reviews:

Martin boosted by Maliq for Wins - 2019-05-07 Martin boosted by Maliq for Wins

Maliq was super helpful and friendly. He got 8 wins in around 10 games. Amazing!

Martin boosted by Patrick for Wins - 2018-11-30 Martin boosted by Patrick for Wins

Very Good Person! Has maded the boost very Quick and He always answer <3




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