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I'm a top500 support main who's been playing from the start of Overwatch. While Zen//Ana are my go-to supports I also specialize in Hanzo/Mcree/76/(and even brig 4head). As a coach, I'll first get an idea where your game needs improvement and what's holding you back. Then we'll go over a personalized lesson plan that will go over where you need to mechanically improve and where your gamesense can improve and how to do so for each. For coaching, all support characters will be my specialty, with DPS including Soldier76 and McCree, and tanks including Hog and Orisa. Look forward to working with you!

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If you want Ramil to be your booster, type 44 when you choose the booster for your order

Kardon's Reviews:

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There is no words can describe his amazing performance.

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Good Booster and Faster

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Nice boost

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ty all good and fast :) no proplems at all :)

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Very good and friendly person! Has maked my Boost really fast!




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