Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beginner Guide: Solo Play vs Group Play, Best Landing Spot, Gun Fights, Best Weapon, and More

2019-05-18 09:35:44
So, you just get started in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and don’t know how to where to get started. Here presents you this quick beginner guide to make it easier for you at the beginning of the game. Also, if you need professional help from master players, try Cheap Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Boost at our website, and you can learn advanced experience from many veteran players.

Solo Play vs. Group Play?

There is no correct answer to it. You can choose either one based on your own preference and playstyle. Or you can switch between them. Personally, I think Playing with friends is definitely the way Blackout should be played, which will bring you much more fun. When Blackout came out, out of nowhere two of my mates ended up buying it, so we decided to jump in together and give it a shot. Holy shit is it so much more fun, we haven't had a gaming session like that in years, accidental friendly fire kills, crashing vehicles and almost winning brought about hilarious results. So, you can try the game with your friends.

Best Landing Spot?

My favorite place to drop is the unnamed village complex that is south of Rivertown, east of fracking tower. There are well over a dozen buildings there, multiple boats, potentially a couple vehicle spawns, potentially multiple paramedic caches (the ones that guarantee trauma kits among other things), potentially large weapon caches (the ones that guarantee weapons that are fully-kitted with attachments) and on top of all that, there are zombies in the building with the boxing ring. The fact that this area is unnamed means it's already less likely to be picked by other teams. On top of that, there's a plethora of loot available there. The zombie building is guaranteed to have multiple weapons in there, and usually armor. However, the best part about it is you can kill all the zombies with a very good chance of them dropping Dead Silence, but the mystery box often rewards players with fully-kitted weapons & lvl 3 armor for your trouble. On top of all this, the roads and bridges here are general hotspots for vehicles so they are excellent spots to place mesh mines.

About Gun Fights

For gunfights, if both teams are aware of each other, use equipment and cover effectively. The other team can't shoot you effectively if they're dodging grenades and other equipment. Healing is also important. Don't stay out of cover while you're hurt because you think you might be able to get someone. Get down, heal, and go back in the fight fresh. As for deciding whether or not to engage an unaware enemy, I always use the rule "Don't shoot unless I know I can kill them". Don't try a snipe if you think it might not hit. Don't spray if you're far away. All you're doing is letting them know where you are, and you lose your advantage. If you see a team, but don't think you can kill them, wait it out and see if a better opportunity arises.

About Weapons

IDK if you have problems with which guns to use, but ABR and Swordfish are the best in my opinion. The burst provides accuracy at longer ranges without losing the AR damage. For secondary guns I either stick with a sub for up close fights or a sniper for long range. It's important that not everyone on your team has the same setup too. If everyone has snipers, the short range isn't covered, and if everyone has subs, you have no chance of winning long range fights. It's good to have someone with a sniper and someone with a sub.

Side Note: It's important that you have two weapons designated for close range fights and medium-longe range fights. For example, my favorite loadout is the Spitfire w/ Elo + extended quickdraw mag for close range engagements and the SDM w/ 4x Scope + extended barrel for medium-long range fights.

That’s the end of this beginner guide. Hope it helps!



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